Philip Zastrow

Developer and Designer
Web Accessibility Specialist
Writer, Speaker, et al.



This is a collection of websites and open-source projects I’ve worked on and love to show off!

2022 Design Systems Survey

  • 20% Project Lead
  • 80% Development

Ozinga Brothers

  • 40% Project Lead
  • 60% Development

University of Georgia Office of Online Learning Design System

  • 25% Project Lead
  • 40% Development
  • 10% Planning
  • 25% Design

2019 Design Systems Survey

  • 30% Project Lead
  • 30% Design
  • 40% Development

Aperian Global

  • 70% Development
  • 30% Design

University of Notre Dame 2012 Redesign

  • 20% Planning
  • 50% Design
  • 30% Development

About Me

Hi! I’m Philip. I’m a Developer at Sparkbox with a passion for bridging design and development with a focus on HTML, CSS, and Accessibility. I’m even a certified Web Accessibility Specialist!

I help teach and train designers and developers through the Sparkbox apprenticeship programs and as an adjunct instructor at The Modern College of Design.

My writing on various web topics can be found on the Sparkbox Foundry or on my website. I also have a tutorial series about CSS on the DigitalOcean Community site.

I’m always looking for a good book to read. Lately, you can find me hanging out around the Fediverse.