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My iPhone Home Screen

The home screen of my iPhone changes often. Once I realize that an app hasn’t been getting much action, it gets booted to another page. Some of my former home screen apps include Path, Flipboard, and Instagram. Now, these apps are still on my phone and get use, just not as much to merit a home screen status. My criteria for home screen eligibility has several aspects.

First off, no games. I enjoy playing games on my iPhone, but I need to keep myself in check. So, any games on my phone must reside in a “Games” folder, which is placed on one of the last screens of the phone. Second are frequently used messaging and communications apps, such as Messages, Phone, Mail, and a Twitter client. Then I have my commonly used apps followed by apps I’m trying out.

As of this mid-January writing my iPhone home screen consists of the following:


The tried and true default browser. I use it regularly. Just wish I could get DuckDuckGo as a browser option.


This is a trial run replacement of iCal. This a universal (i.e. iPad and iPhone) app. I really like it on the iPhone, we’ll see if it lasts on the iPad.


The default and pretty good texting/chat app. I’ve tried other texting/chatting apps, but nothing has stood out as better than Apple’s.


Capture is a great app for recording video at a moments notice. Although, it has been getting less use since the quick access to the camera app was added to the lock screen in iOS 5. Still, how the app functions makes it a contender in a quick-draw video recording scenario. The moment you launch the app it begins recording video. The interface is wonderfully simple, only displaying the length of the recording and a red dot to indicate you are recording. To stop the capture, you simply hit the Home button and the video is automatically saved to your Camera Roll.

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I got to this party a little late, albeit I was still quite satisfied with Twitter’s app until they launched version 4. Then the Twitter app became much less likable and useable. Even my wife agrees. I had heard and read reviews on Tweetbot, so I thought I’d give it a try. Hands down, it is the best Twitter client I have used on my iPhone. I’m still getting used to some of its features, but it is well worth the purchase.

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I often need quick access to maps. While it is no GPS, it works sufficient to my needs.


My alarm clock.


Quick access to take a photo or some video. Apple’s addition to use the increase volume button as a shutter release in iOS 5 was long overdue and much welcomed.


I started off with WriteRoom a few years back on my Mac, and recently picked it up for my iPhone and iPad. The Dropbox integration is great and is a bit part of how I run Phanza.

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Like WriteRoom, I have this app for my Mac, iPhone and iPad. It really is a great app to keep up with all your feed subscriptions. The only annoyance I have is the reliance and requirement of Google Reader. I would much rather see the feeds sync between apps over Apple’s iCloud system.

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ESV Bible

Bible studying, searching, and reading when I don’t have my read and worn-in green ESV bible.

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Love looking at through my photos. I have several photo editing apps I keep on a secondary screen.


This is totally what the podcast portion of Apple’s Music app should have been. It syncs and streams your podcast subscriptions. The app will also import your podcasts from the Music app.

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Although I don’t use Instapaper nearly as often on my iPhone as I do on my iPad, it still is used often enough to gain home screen priority.

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Until I have quick access to turn down the brightness of the screen without going into Settings, this app will remain on my home screen.


Since the apps in the Dock are top-level and on every screen, I won’t go into much detail. Phone, Mail, and Music should all be quite obvious as to their intended function. OmniFocus is one of those apps that took a bit of thinking before making the plunge. I now have and use the app on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It really is a great utility to keep track of projects and keeping thoughts organized.

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The final, and big, element of the home screen is the background wallpaper. Currently I have my phone’s background set to Hector Simpson’s Dark Collection.

Here is a screen shot of my home screen for your viewing pleasure.