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The Great Discontent: Derek Webb

We were looking to change the world at first. We wanted to be a disruption and push people. We wanted to say the things that nobody was saying. We did that for a little while, but when a lot of people’s jobs begin to be staked on what you’ve built and people are employed by it, there’s pressure—even if no one says a word to you about it—there’s so much pressure you impose on yourself to keep that going.

I am a craftsman and an artist. Those are identities I want to own. I admire folks like Derek Webb. An artists who uses his talent to act as a mirror for our culture, while at the same time building avenues to help fix the distorted reflection.

The Great Discontent asks some great questions to Derek, and his response were a fun read. Derek definitely has a unique, and rare, start to his music career. I am fan of his music, and really love him has an agitator. We need agitators, so we will think through the reasons why we do things culturally. So we can recognize our strengths and mend our weaknesses.

Also, if you are not familiar with NoiseTrade, which Derek helped found, it really is a great way to discover and support some fantastic musicians.