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A Wristwatch I’d Wear

I’ve been thinking about wristwatches. I’ve never really cared for them. But in the last two years there have been interesting developments. First, iPod nano accessory makers made a wrist strap to wear the nano like a watch. Then Apple acknowledge the popularity of these accessories by adding various clock faces to the nano. Now in the last six months there have been some very intriguing Kickstarter projects that have expanding on this idea.

The first there was the Pebble with a customizable epaper interface. The watch connects directly to your iPhone or Android and has the ability to control music and see who just messaged or is calling you. Then there is Syre, an iPod nano case with integrated Bluetooth. Giving the iPod nano a much needed feature.

These are all great advancements in wearable technology. Pebble and Syre alone are enough for me to consider wearing a wristwatch1. However, I think I need a mixture of both for me to take the plunge. A device like this will require Apple’s attention and contribution. I would wear an iPod nano on my wrist if it behaved as an intercessory between me and the iPhone in my pocket.

An iPod nano engineered by Apple to be a companion piece to the iPhone could be incredible. See who is calling you on your wrist and choose to ignore or pull out your phone to answer. Ask Siri questions directly from the nano, which interfaces with the iPhone through Bluetooth to serve up answers. In fact, how much more could a device like this expand the use of Siri? Access your calendar, make reminders, or send messages. Even stream music.

That’s a wristwatch I’d wear.

  1. There must be a better name for these. 🢕