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Fun on the Dribbble for Code

A couple of weeks ago CodePen entered public beta. It is certainly beta software, a few bugs and hiccups here and there. Overall though, CodePen is a fantastic concept and implementation. I can easily see it becoming a part of a designer/developer’s process. Sketch out a few ideas in CodePen, send it around to your team, and then implement.

For me, CodePen has been inspirational to see CSS as ART. There are plenty of folks contributing beautiful and utile code, but so far I just want to see what I can make.

I started off with posting a piano I’d been contemplating for a side-project site.

See the Pen CSS Piano by Philip Zastrow (@zastrow) on CodePen.

Since then I’ve posted a cartoon pig and the new Twitterbird created using just HTML and CSS. Those trials left me wondering what else I can make using CSS. That thought led to a Saturday afternoon project of creating an animated oscillating fan.

See the Pen Oscillating Fan by Philip Zastrow (@zastrow) on CodePen.

This turned out to be a blast to make. It still amazes me how far CSS has come in the last few years. My snippets aside, be sure to get in on this action. A GitHub account is required to save pens, but the site is completely usable without an account.