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Sparkbox Bound

I’m quite excited to announce that I will be joining Sparkbox this July. Additionally, I’m sad to announce that I will no longer be a part of the Web Team at the University of Notre Dame.

Two humbling, amazing, life-changing years

It’s been over two years since I started as a web designer at Notre Dame. I still have moments of disbelief that I even got the job. At the time I interviewed I knew no one at Notre Dame, I had no connections to the South Bend area, and I hadn’t done any recognizable work. Two years later and all that has changed.

I am very pleased with the work I’ve done while at Notre Dame. We built an all-new, ground-breaking homepage for the University in just two months. We saw the necessity of Responsive Web Design and made it a foundation of our approach to website creation. We abandoned the age-old waterfall approach to design and development, and created a process with deliverables that educated our clients and made our team more efficient website makers.

It has been an absolute privilege to work with such a talented team. I leave Notre Dame humbled by the kindness of all these great people I have been honored to work with and know.

Back to Dayton

I’m very impressed with what I have seen come out of Sparkbox the last few years. The role they have taken in educating others on RWD is inspiring. I have known Ben Callahan and the folks at Sparkbox for a few years or so. Before and after starting at Notre Dame, Ben and I would get together for lunch or coffee and chat about our current projects and industry trends. Earlier this year, one of those chats lead to a conversation about working together.

On July 15, I will return to my native Dayton, Ohio to begin work as a web developer at Sparkbox. I’m very excited about this change, to say the least, and I look forward to join this team that is contributing so much to the web community.

Until then, there’s much to be done. Dayton, I’ll see you soon.