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The Shift

Today, Sparkbox launched a community writing project called The Shift. Each month a new topic is selected and the whole web industry is then invited to write on that topic. Whether it be posted on a company blog, as a Facebook post, or a Medium article, the hope is to spur a large conversation with diverse thoughts and responses.

From Sparkbox:

Here’s how it works:

  • a topic is announced on the first Monday of each month
  • if you’re able to contribute, you announce publicly that you’re participating in this shift using “#startYourShift” hashtag
    -everyone is invited to research, consider, and publish about that topic on the last Friday of the month at noon Eastern
  • all contributors share a link to their piece using “#startYourShift” hashtag on Twitter and any other platforms where they please
  • we all get to be part of an industry-wide conversation on a specific topic

The inaugural topic is “How to Make the Web Better.” You can sign up to be notified about The Shift topic for the month, and get reminders as the deadline approaches for each topic. I plan on participating as much as I can on this site, I hope you will as well. Be sure to follow The Shift’s Twitter and checkout The Foundry to see what a Sparkboxer might have to say.