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Apple Refunds and Purchase History

I have been buying media and software from Apple for a long time. Pretty much since the iTunes Music Store opened. Until yesterday, I have never so utterly regretted a purchase that I wanted a refund. Apple does not make it obvious how to accomplish this task, so much so I got a feeling that it couldn’t be done. I searched the Apple Support documents the best I could to no avail. Through a series web search landed on instructions start this process in iTunes by going to the Account page and viewing recent purchases.

Turns out there is an easier way.

Apple has a website built for viewing purchases and reporting issues with those purchases. The title of the site is Report A Problem, and at first I didn’t get why. I saw the full purchase history of my account from the iTunes Store, App Store, and even the Mac App Store. Then it dawned on me, it was everything in the last 90 days. The timeframe to report a problem.

What is nice is the purchase history can be broken down by receipts1 and product type as well as search. From what I can tell though, it takes up to 24 hours before a purchase will show up on the site. I was looking into a refund about 14 hours after purchasing.

Once the purchases, a Mac app and companion iOS app, showed up on the site I pressed the “Report A Problem” button. The area expanded to reveal a dropdown list and a text area to describe the problem. I selected “Didn’t mean to purchase this item” and for that the description was required. I left the Apple employees a lamenting response, hit submit, and was told to expect a full refund in five to seven business days. Easy enough.

  1. The receipt bit is quite nice for those business reimbursement requests. 🢕