Whoa. Julianne Moore and Clive Owen to star in a series adaptation of Lisey’s Story with Stephen King writing all eight episodes.

Clive Owen Joins Julianne Moore in Apple Drama ‘Lisey’s Story’

My iPhone screen today, 28 June 2019

iPhone Screenshot with four folders and for app icons in the main spring board and three icons in the dock. The springboard apps are Photos, Carrot, OmniFocus, and Settings. The dock apps are Maven Pro, Overcast, and Drafts

Working on an article on modern approaches to CSS tooling and techniques that is supposed to between 1,500-3,000 words. Right now I’m almost half-way through writting what all I want to talk about and I’m at 1,770 words. 😬

This is the final week to participate in Sparkbox‘s 2019 Design Systems Survey! Have you worked with design systems? Then take 5–10 minutes to share your experiences, and subscribe to receive the results!

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VYPZVHH

I designed a T-Shirt and the awesome folks at Cotton Bureau are selling it now! It’s only on sale for the next two weeks though, so get to it.

Buy the shirt here

AIzaSyDE9XviuXajRA0qn_rqAPzcHI5rQx5J2Zo” alt=”” /> Checked in at Los Mariachis.

Checked in at Dorothy Lane Market.

Happy Hacktoberfest! Do your part to advance open-source software today and get a sweet t-shirt in return.


All conferences should have a 5K

Circles is kicking off soon. Really excited about this conference. The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is a fantastic venue for a design conference.