Mini Book Review: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

I heard about this book from episode 66 of the Cortex podcast. I was listening along thinking this was another typical business book that they recommend, but my ears perked when they got talking about these journalling type questions the author asks of himself and his clients. That alone had me intrigued, and I liked a good bit of what the author had to say on the topic, the examples were very real life and relatable. The best thing out of this the reframing of common questions we ask ourselves from “Did you do…?” to “How well did you try to do…?” That shift in thinking is similar to one that has been going on in my community from saying “I have to…” to instead saying “I get to…” Those differences in mindset when thinking or asking questions turn the table from one of unmet expectations to attitudes of kindness and grace.

Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts by Marshall Goldsmith